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“I think I’ve always been half out of my shell and half in. Sometimes I can be extremely wild and sometimes I can be extremely shy. It just depends on the day.”

—   Emile Hirsch (via ladyofanaturalstate)

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Cuckoo (original verse)

Justin V
Slaughterhouse - Cuckoo

It’s funny how they treat ya different the instant that you reach ya limits;
But sometimes you gotta teach the ignant to know when to keep ya distance;
Cuz sometimes they jus be persistent like they got some kind of deep existence;
Which makes me turn a deeper pigment and turn and tell em “speak ya business”;
You’re speakin to the last Messiah, don’t believe me, ask the choir;
(So) who are you to judge anyone if you ain’t ever passed the wire??;
Most you youngins lack desire and so do I when my calf is tired;
Cuz I been runnin so long my back perspires and the track retired;
I’m…. CUCKOO!!! I don’t need a hook for this one…
Almost every track I paralyze, the music jus lays there alive;
I keep pumpin on the snare device but there isn’t any air supply;
Nothin but a pair of eyes and a drum loop that doesn’t dare to rise;
It’s too late when the prayer arrives cuz I’ve already terrorized;
The disection is intimate, ligament by increment;
You’d never say I’m frivalent or innocent but maybe diligant;
That might be inconsiderate but then you’d be a hypocrite;
Cuz all that is is life, why you think they say that it’s a bitch?? JUSTBARS
Jul 17


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Spittin out them razor blades like every word were taper fades;
I’m sharp wit the tongue but went to school, couldn’t make the grades;
I was busy bein urban champ and tryna git in virgin pants;
And next thing i knew my high school career was lurkin past;
If i could rewind the the sands of time and fix it wit these hands of mine;
I’d do it all and more and wouldn’t panic when the vans arrive;
Cuz land marks are s’posed to fall, not everyone can be poster tall;
It’s funny, when you’re on your shit they all want you to close the stall;
You’re actin like a little bitch, aint vigilant jus frivolous;
Stop starin like a nipple slip jus happened cuz your missile missed;
Take time to git some practice in or your chance of hope is actress thin;
This rap shit is mine like it follows by my facist whim.


No Beat

Im on again off Klonopin, Percocet and Vicodin, no vomitin;
I pop so many skittles that you’d think i went and lost a limb;
An honest sin wit a Wonka spin cuz basically I’m calmer when;
My mind is in the heavens and my feet are on the ottoman;
Cuz this life we live is monster grim, it seems like everybody’s drama kin;
And if you don’t pay the price then they’ll hit you wit that auditin;
No IRS, just a lotta men wit too much time that wanna win;
But the chance of that is awful thin like a sandal or a moccasin;
There just isn’t any sympathy for those who try eclipsin me;
This word shit is my residence, you jus pay the admission fee;
Listen, see, the symphony holds the answers, the decryption key;
No, it don’t take an epiphany to see, you jus have a deficiency…


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